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Lowara Pumps are a long established Italian manufacture of high quality, cost effective pumps. Producing end suction, multi-stage, self priming, bore hole & submersible centrifugal pumps. Capable of pumping a variety of different liquids, suitable for a variety of different applications & industries. From irrigation to waste water effluent.

Lowara guarantees high quality, reliability, cost-effective pumping systems, maximizing efficiency in order to satisfy customer's needs at best. Lowara pumps are manufactured in AISI 304 and AISI 316 fabricated stainless steel that covers many applications from water to some chemical compositions. This innovation confirms Lowara to be utilising top class material to achieve excellence and guaranteed performances.
What is a Submersible pump?
Submersible pump

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A submersible pump (or electric submersible pump (ESP)) is a device which has a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. The whole assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped. The main advantage of this type of pump is that it prevents pump cavitation, a problem associated with a high elevation difference between pump and the fluid surface. Submersible pumps push water to the surface as opposed to jet pumps having to pull water. Submersibles are more efficient than jet pumps.

Working principle
A system of mechanical seals are used to prevent the fluid being pumped from entering the motor and causing a short circuit. The pump can either be connected to a pipe, flexible hose or lowered down guide rails or wires so that the pump sits on a "ducks foot" coupling, thereby connecting it to the delivery pipework.

Submersible pumps are found in many applications. Single stage pumps are used for drainage, sewage pumping, general industrial pumping and slurry pumping. They are also popular with aquarium filters. Multiple stage submersible pumps are typically lowered down a borehole and used for water abstraction, water wells and in oil wells. Special attention to the type of ESP is required when using certain types of liquids. ESP's commonly used on board naval vessels cannot be used to dewater contaminated flooded spaces. These use a 440 volt A/C motor that operates a small centrifugal pump. It can also be used out of the water, taking suction with a 2-1/2 inch non-collapsible hose. The pumped liquid is circulated around the motor for cooling purposes. There is a possibility that the gasoline will leak into the pump causing a fire or destroying the pump, so hot water and flammable liquids should be avoided.
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